Robert Perišić's book among the most anticipated in US

place: USA
organiser: The Millions
Robert Perišić's book Our Man in Iraqhas been selected among the most anticipated books to be launched this year in the States. The list titled 'Most Anticipated: The Great Book Preview' is regularly published at the respectful literary portal The Millions.

'Perišic is one of the leading new writers to have emerged from Croatia after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

In this, his first novel to appear stateside, he offers the funny and absurd tale of two cousins from Zagreb who get caught up in the American Invasion of Iraq, circa 2003.

Perišic speaks English, and assisted with the translation, so his voice should come through intact, and a blurb from Jonathan Franzen never hurts. '

(Source: The Millions)


(D.H., 11.01.2013)