Picasso exhibition to arrive in Zagreb on Feb 14

time: 14.02.2013.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Gallery Klovic
The "Picasso: Masterpieces of the Musée National Picasso in Paris" exhibition is the largest and most significant exhibition of his works in this part of Europe and it is to open on February 14 in Klovicevi Dvori, this Zagreb art gallery reported on Friday.

Considering the great interest shown for the expansive and varied opus of one of the greatest painters in the world and the attractiveness of the exhibits, which give a cross section of all his works, it is expected that the exhibition which will run through June will see a record number of visitors.

This will be the greatest exhibition of Picasso's works in this part of the world. This is not the first, but other exhibitions did not cover his entire opus, from his earliest works when he was just fourteen to those created just prior to his death, the gallery's director, Marina Viculin, told the media.

The exhibition consists of 56 paintings and sculptures selected by the director of the Picasso National Museum, Anne Baldassari, who in 2004 curated the "Picasso and Dora Maar: Touching with Looks" exhibition.

This will be the last time these works ever leave the Paris museum, which gives the exhibition a touch of exclusiveness and it will be difficult to surpass it with any other exhibition, Viculin said.

(Source: tportal)

(D.H., 10.01.2013)