The Curators’ Piece (A Trial Against Art) in New York

time: 14.01.2013. - 15.01.2013.
place: New York, USA
The Curators’ Piece (A Trial Against Art) by Tea Tupajić and Petra Zanki will be presented on 14 and 15 January at the International Festival of Performing Arts COIL 2013 in New York, organized by PS122. The piece will be performed in Dixon's place.

Working in partnership with an international team of curators, who not only serve as the cast but also as presenters of an international tour of the work, Tea Tupajić (direction, lighting) and Petra Zanki (dramaturgy, choreography) present The Curators’ Piece (A Trial Against Art) as a “trial” against art and its protagonists, challenging the utopian ideal of the responsibility of art to a wider society. Charges are raised against all participants: the artists who create a piece, the curators responsible for presenting the work, and the audience.
“Six curators take turn on the bench of the accused and get to speak in defense of art and try to prove what it is capable of – that a world without art is a dead world – it is convincing.”
Dagens Nyheter

Tea Tupajić, Petra Zanki and Florian Malzachar will participate in SPAN on January 15 at 12pm at the COIL HUB.

(Source: Petra Zanki / COIL)

(D.H., 31.12.2012)