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Milana Broš passes away at 82

place: Zagreb, Croatia
Milana Broš, dancer and choreographer who made a huge impact on many generations of Croatian dancers and choreographers, has passed away at 82.

Milana Broš, following a brief stint as dancer with the Croatia National Ballet, embarked on her journey as an independent author first through  Pionirsko Kazalište  (today Zagrebačko kazalište mladih) followed in 1962 by the initiation of   the Experimental Group of Free Dance (Eksperimentalna grupa slobodnog plesa) which later became the Chamber Ensemble of Free Dance (Komorni ansambl slobodnog plesa - popularly known as KASP). 

Three generations of dance artists which followed comprised of numerous individuals who in time were instrumental to the development of the more recent and more diverse contemporary dance community in Croatia and beyond.

The   role that KASP played, which also includes numerous international  awards and presentations at festivals across Europe, and  its impact on the overall dance scene still resonates  on current developments in Croatian contemporary dance. 

(D.H., 18.12.2012)