Croatie - la voici: Croatian Glagolitic Alphabet in France

time: 13.12.2012. - 24.02.2013.
Croatian Glagolitic Alphabet is currently exhibited in France in the Museum of Tau in Reims. A famous Evangel of Reims, Croatian Glagolitic book, is kept in the City Library of Reims since 16th century as a special treasure.

The book has an amazing biography: handwritten in 1395 in the Prague, tied with an even older Cyrillic Evangel from Kiev, Ukraine, from 11th century, it is a significant symbol of European cultural landscape, connecting Western and Eastern Christianity. An exhibition entitled THE CROATIAN GLAGOLITIC SCRIPT will be open 13 Dec 2012 - 24 Feb 2013 in Palais du Tau, in Reims.

(Source: CROWN)

(D.H., 17.12.2012)