Film Mutations: The Festival on Invisible Cinema 06

time: 12.12.2012. - 20.12.2012.
place: Zagreb, Rijeka; Croatia
6th edition of Film Mutations: The Festival on Invisible Cinema is set to take place from 12 to 16 December in Zagreb, and between 17 and 20 December in Rijeka. This year Film Mutations are about the following topics: innovative approaches to film pedagogy, programming and aesthetics. The festival deals also with the subject of catharsis bringing in the context filmmakers Pedro Costa and Martin Arnold.

In previous years, amid discussions of the digital, of the death and mutations of analog film, of the expectations for the archival and museum destiny of film on celluloid tape, a challenge with which film museums and archives will confront the digital age, of the utopian role of museums in relation to the image market, there was a call for a redefinition of the notion of film curatorship.

More details here: http://www.filmskemutacije.com/

(D.H., 07.12.2012)