Forecasting performed in Belgium

place: Brussels, Belgium
organiser: Kaaistudio
Performance Forecasting by BarbaraMatijević and Guiseppe Chico  was presented on 20 November on the stage of Kaaistudio in Brussels within the art evening jointly with artist Mette Edvardsen who performed here piece Black.

Forecasting is the last part of a trilogy in which Barbara Matijević and Giuseppe Chico explore the mechanisms of historical narratives focusing on a particular historical period. It takes as its starting point that indefinite time period after the present - the future. And acknowledges that one of the most prominent features of the consumerist society, the media society, the « Society of the Spectacle », the late capitalism – whatever might be its name at the moment – is its loss of the sense of History. The past is never safe from conquerors, - however, the same holds true for the future.

In its concrete and captivating, playful and poetic thinking, Forecasting imagines the lost of the future, neutralized by technological process and the elimination of historicity. A computer and videos posted on YouTube are in the heart of the performance and become fantastical prolongations of performers’ bodies. From their exploration of the Net, the two artists observe that the exponential increase in simultaneous histories induces a completely different relationship to narration and the body: paraphrasing J.C. Bailly, « we cannot really take hold of the future unless we practice it, just as one practices a language ».

Authors / Performers: Giuseppe Chico and Barbara Matijevic
Dramaturgical Assistance: Sasa Božić

Barbara Matijevic
Born in Croatia, studied Language and Literature at the University of Zagreb (M.A.)Trained as a dancer in the Hypaxis Dance Center, Wilton, (New Hampshire, U.S.A) and the International Center for Contemporary Dance and Performance Art - ATHENA under the artistic direction of Kilina Cremona in Zagreb, Croatia.

She is a co-founder (with Sasa Bozic) of de facto performance group.
As a performer, she is engaged in a long-term project Via Negativa directed by Bojan Jablanovec.
She collaborated with Boris Charmatz, Jan Fabre, Joris Lacoste.

Giuseppe Chico
Makes his debut in theater at the age of 10 after having studied with the Abeliano Company under the direction of Tina Tempesta. He continues his studies in the Kismet Theater with Robert McNeer and Teresa Ludovico. As a stage designer, he collaborates with Paolo Baroni.

Since 2000 he has been living in Paris where he studied dance with Joao Fiadeiro, Vera Mantero, Julyen Hamilton, Mark Tompkins, Vera Orlock, Pooh Kaye, K.J. Holmes, Olivier Besson. He worked as a dancer in the Mille Plateaux Associés company for four years, continuing with George Appaix. In theater he worked with Joris Lacoste.

(D.H., 23.11.2012)