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Magazine Movements to be presented in France

place: Paris, France
Dance Magazine 'Kretanja / Mouvements # 17' in its first French edition will be presented on 23 November, 6pm, in the Croatian Embassy in Paris, France. The magazine will be promoted by Katja Šimunić, dance theoretician and the editor of this edition and Jelena Rajak, dance theoretician and translator.

This is the first edition of the magazine in French with so far unpublished texts by Maja Đurinović, Katja Šimunić, Jelena Rajak and Iva Nerina Sibila about four Croatian dancers / choreographers selected by the authors.

The event is a part of the 'Croatie, la voici!' festival in France.

Read the magazine here:

"Kretanja (Movements) Dance Magazine, the first and so far the only magazine in Croatia specialized exclusively in dance, is one of the reflections of a scene that has been growing and maturing more and more quickly. The editorial concept emerged from a sensibility for current events and from the personal needs of the editorial team for reflection and analysis, and, perhaps even more importantly, for written and theoretical support to dance and dancers.

Leafing through previous issues of Kretanja reveals its three directions. The first direction is a follow-up of recent Croatian productions, which, except for very restricted media space in several daily and biweekly magazines, have hardly been introduced to a wider audience; the second is the fact that Kretanja is an attempt to fill the void which exists in the accessibility to relevant theoretical texts through systematic translations, and the third direction is the introduction of thematic units in Kretanja which include texts written by both Croatian and foreign authors. Through these units, we are trying to observe a certain topic, one that is present and actual on the scene, in an investigative and creative way; in other words, we are trying to motivate critical and creative considerations of questions related to dance.

In our issues so far we have observed the following topics: Butoh, which was related to the setting of the first butoh performance in Zagreb; Dance/Dramaturgy, which was an attempt to illuminate the unclear figure of the dramaturge in a dance performance as well as disturbances that occur in the relationship between dance and dramaturgy that often lead to completely opposite ideas in a number of texts. Furthermore, we dealt with the question of Laban's ideas about contemporary practices by writing about the fiftieth anniversary of the Ana Maletic School of Contemporary Dance which is founded on Laban's principles. We were also interested in the breakthrough of Hip-Hop in the theatre stage as well as in the relation of Photography and Dance. It emerged from questions about the way in which dance is recorded in the frame of a photograph and the relation between a dance photograph and a text on dance, and from our search for projects that link these two closely related yet in essence opposite media in a new artistic reality.

Kretanja English Edition presents a selection of the most interesting texts by Croatian authors published in the five issues so far. As the texts have been extracted from more extensive thematic units, so we have left the names of these units in order to show the concept of the magazine. But it is important to note that not one of these thematic entities has been transferred here in its entirety, rather we decided on a wider selection of topics with a smaller number of texts. The important parameters during choosing the texts, apart from their high quality, was also to present a wide range of topics which we are dealing with as well as different procedures for writing about dance which we nourish. The conceptual priority for the editorial staff of Kretanja was openness to and inclusiveness of different and various approaches to observing and thinking about dance.

Kretanja is published in the Croatian language semi-annually with occasional special editions, such as the Guide to Croatian Dance, which offers a biennial survey of the complete professional Croatian dance scene. The publisher of Kretanja is the Dance Committee of the Croatian Centre International Theatre Institute UNESCO, an important publisher on writing about theatre in Croatia. The intention of this English edition is to present our work on dance to international readers, to open up communication about topics which we are dealing with and which we consider as intriguing on the Croatian scene and beyond, as well as to further support the presence of Croatian dance artists on the international scene through the written form."
Text by Iva Nerina Sibila
Editor-in-Chief of 'Kretanja'

(D.H., 22.11.2012)