BADco. is taking part in LABO21 Salon#1

time: 21.11.2012. - 24.11.2012.
place: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
organiser: Labo21
BADco. is taking part in LABO21 Salon#1 which is set to take place from 21 to 24 November @ ICKAmsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This first Salon of LABO21 organized by ICK, will host the first internal lab of the “Pre-choreographic Elements” research project inviting different researchers and experts.

Labo21 is a a European platform for interdisciplinary research on artistic methodoligies'

 LABO 21, or the laboratorium of the 21th century, is platform that encompasses three autonomous research projects on artistic methodologies in three European countries. Each partner considers this topic from a different angle. 'Kunstencentrum Buda' (Kortrijk) is responsible the practical and financial part of the European project. They facilitate the project.

 Unless the variety of the propositions, the partners share the same objectives. They want to enhance and generate new understandings in performing arts by bringing the knowledge of performance and dance in conjunction with other fields such as cognitive science, biology and technology research, social science and philosophy. Labo21 focuses on interdisciplinarity in which each partner brings in his own network and expertise. By bridging the gaps between these different disciplines the projects of Labo21 want to be a free space for performance as well as for the other sciences.

The outcomes will be made public through journal publications, tool releases, installations, performances and presentations. Presentations are planned to take place within the partner events at Zagreb and Kortrijk, but also outside of the partner structure in Montpellier (CCN). SUR organizes a closing event in Stockholm where the results will be shown between October and December 2011. The partner for this presentation is The Royal Institute for technology.

(Source: BADco. & Labo21)

(D.H., 21.11.2012)