Xontact Festival 2012

time: 21.11.2012. - 30.11.2012.
place: Split, Croatia
XONTAKT explores the area where dance connects with moving images, and this edition, as well as last year's, gives a landscape of workshops of contemporary dance, as well as projections of dance film and video. The festival takes place between 21 and 30 November in Split.

Click here for more detailed programme: http://www.xontakt.org/

Still, many, mistakenly, use the term of "contemporary dance" to define the dances such as hip hop, break-dance or, better still, *mba dances. Most of these "social dances" are the mirror of society in their movements and choreographies, illustrating the relationship between humans and the environment, rapid urban development, a way of expressing emotion, joy, oppression and/or dissatisfaction.

However, today the term "contemporary dance" is an extension of the era of modern dance based on individual freedom and openness to questions - whether the systematic work through movement and dance can change our perception of everyday conventions and draw attention behind the veil of illusion, to the substantial transformation and evolution?

Unlike these dances, contemporary dance is an art that has a long stage and the audience, their questions and models that can change the perception / attention of the audience and authors that carry out the dialog of the visible and recognizable in the collective memory, and that of the invisible, a hint of the future, in a signed work. To introduce this kind of art, this year we suggest a workshop with the floor work and release technique, the workshop of "safe motion" - axis syllabus, as well as creative workshops and dance research.

XONTAKT project is organised and realized by Center For Movement.

Center For Movement is organization for promotion of contemporary dance founded in Split in 2009. Center has a focus on exploration of existing form through movement and dance and discovering new methods and approaches to work on the body through workshops and research projects. During the year gathers and connects dancers, choreographers, directors, audio-visual and other multimedia artists and promote their works in public; organize lectures and workshop on issue contemporary dance and theatre scene.
Founders of Center for Movement are Nela Sisaric i Kristina Ozretic.

(D.H., 20.11.2012)