Balkan Performing Arts Network at Cinars in Montreal

place: Montreal, Canada
organiser: Perforations
A new international platform of the Perforations Festival and the Domino association – the Balkan Performing Arts Network, which also includes organizations from Slovenia (Bunker – Mladi Levi festival and Serbia (Dom omladine Beograd), after Korea visited the Canadian Cinars conference, which lasted of 12 to 18 November this year.

CINARS (The International Exchange for the Performing Arts) is a nonprofit organization based in Montreal, which has since 1984. committed to promoting the performing arts on a global level. Over the years, Cinars took over the role of ambassador of performing arts of Canada and Quebec, but also the of the world’s hot spot for the exchange of experience and knowledge of new developments in the field of performing arts, as well as the place for networking and establishing new cooperation in the form of visits and exchanges among the world’s producers and organizations .

Given its mission of opening international opportunities for the wider international promotion of local and regional artists and arts projects – with which aim among other things, the Balkan Performing Arts network was established – Perforations Festival has been recognized by Cinars as the central informational institution about the performing arts in the Balkans.
Balkan Performing Arts Network was therefore invited to Cinars in Montreal to develop further cooperation with North-American art promoters and producers. Future presence of artists from the region in the next Cinars  (in two years) has been discussed, which would be achieved through cooperation with the Visegrad Fund, with which the initial mutual interest for cooperation was established at PAMS conference and exhibition in Seoul earlier this fall.

(Source: Perforations)

(D.H., 20.11.2012)