Infertile - a theatre triptych premiered in Maribor

place: Maribor, Slovenia
Trafik's latest production Infertile - a theatre triptych was premiered last week in Maribor within event Maribor -  European Capital of Culture 2012. The piece is collaboration between KUD Borza and Trafik with many featuring guests.

Authors and directors: Magdalena Lupi Alvir, Jelena Kovačić, Anica Tomić, Ivana Sajko
Performers: Daria Lorenci Flatz, Marin Alvir, Jelena Kovačić, Anica Tomić, Ivana Sajko, Alen Sinkauz
World premiere: 9.11. at 19.30.,  2. gimnazija, Trg Miloša Zidanška 1, Maribor, Slovenija


TRAFIK (Transitive-Fiction Theatre)
The work of this collective of authors and performers is, by many accounts, very unique within the context of Croatian independent theatre and dates its beginnings back to 1998 and their site-specific performance, The Walker. This work determined their thematic objectives as well as artistically expression, within which TRAFIK (Transitive-Fiction Theatre) has developed to date – always related to questions of identity of the individual lost on the margins of time and space.

Through its performances such as DancEurope, Picture Show, Beaufort Scale, Greetings from The Adriatic, Gramatika,, Embodiment ,Destination TRAFIK: Deer, Diva, Armada and Pacifikka, TRAFIK continues to move the boundaries between different performative forms. After a decade of works which has had a significant impact on the Rijeka, and from there onto the Croatian performing scene, it is interesting to note that the identity they are constructing is even less visible and even more marginalised.

TRAFIK has performed at almost all Croatian Theatre Festivals and abroad (Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Singapore, Germany), and has also received several awards.

(D.H., 13.11.2012)