k.o. to perform in Belgrade

Performing company k.o. (combined operations) will present Željka Sančanin's piece Toplologies on 3 November (9pm)  in the Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade, The perfornace is organized within the project 'Balcan Can Contemporary'.

Choreograohy, stage design:: Željka Sančanin
Performers: Maja Marjančić, Ivana Rončević, Željka Sančanin
Sound: Soft Adult, Thomas Roussel

Topologies are a choreographic study of spatial and visual givens of theatre objects, and they are in this avant-garde project dealt with by Zeljka Sancanin, Croatian choreographer, dancer, and founder of the Kombinirane operacije Theater Company. Maja Marjancic and Ivana Roncevic dance with her.

k.o. kombinirane operacije is a collaborative company and a production platform formed in 1999 by a group of artists coming from different fields of artistic media (dance, theatre, philosophy, visual arts, architecture). From 2000 till 2008 the core of the group is established around dramaturge and theatre director Saša Božić, choreographer and dancer Barbara Matijević and choreographer and dancer Željka Sančanin. Developing strategies of k.o. stress to research noninstitutional models of artistic work, their conditions and production relations among contemporary dance and performance sourroundings, creating till today 14 authorial and group productions through which they collaborated with different individuals, companies and organizations from Croatian and international art scene.

The work of k.o. are structured, coherent, choreography and form-oriented performances occupied with the basic elements of body, space, time and conventions that form the theatre situation, often based on conceptual questions with a referential frame that has implications on language, phenomenology of choreography and dance media and psychology of imagination. Abstract and experimental nature of k.o.’s work seeks to explore the boundaries between different artistic discourses, which brings the dance and choreographic field in to the realm of practices close to hybrid and transmedia dance performances and events. Permanent redefinition of choreographic and experimentation with the formats of performance stands as a proposition of k.o.’s artistic practice.

(D.H., 31.10.2012)