Davor Vuković exhibits in New York

time: 24.10.2012. - 12.11.2012.
place: New York, USA
organiser: Broadway Gallery
Davor Vuković's solo exhibition entitled Archipelago will be on view from 24 October to 12 November at the Broadway Gallery in New York City.

Davor Vuković, a self-educated painter and poet, is one of the most prominent artists in contemporary Croatian landscape painting. Vuković possesses originality mixed with an innate talent for spontaneous expression. Although his poems are more subtle and introspective, his paintings are passionate and exciting—he engages himself both physically and emotionally. 

Expressing himself in a range of colors that reflect both his inner-self and his outer interactions with nature, Vuković infuses modernity and impressionism into energetic paintings that soothe the mind.

His work, through its evocative use of color, movement, texture, and shape, display a state of mind rather than a tangible landscape.

(D.H., 19.10.2012)