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Elvis Stanić - one of the authors of the Europe Jazz Network anthem

place: EJN
Finding himself in the company of 25 of the most important contemporary European jazz composers, Stanić's one-minute piece will be premiered at the General Assembly of the EJN in Bari 28th September, when it will be made sound and video recording.

Elvis Stanić is the best Croatian contemporary jazz fusion guitarist, multiinstrumentalist and the most awarded new generation jazz composer. He is the leader of the «Elvis Stanić Group», a jazz fusion band which connects mediteranean fluidness with fiercing latin rhythm and contemporary jazz sound.

The band performes original music, with starting point in modern electric jazz, expanding it to the edge of traditional, latin or even the New Age music frontiers. As a composer, Elvis Stanić explores a Traditional Croatian music, connecting it with diverse world traditions, thus creating a new and yet unheard genre. He is the one of the leading World jazz mucisians in Croatia.

(Source: opatija.net)

(D.H., 24.09.2012)