new edition announcement

'In Contrast: Croatian Film Today', a book on contemporary Croatian film distributed worldwide

organiser: Berghahn Books
Croatian film, touring more and more world festivals each year, will now be accompanied by the first book on contemporary Croatian film, in English language, co-published by the Croatian Film Clubs’ Association and American publisher Berghahn Books, which also took over its global distribution.

In Contrast: Croatian Film Today is a collection of essays, studies, reviews and interviews with Croatian directors offering a comprehensive and layered insight into the challenging Croatian film scene, which has so far mostly been inaccessible to foreign readers due to political, economic and language barriers.
The book gathered a team of acclaimed professionals who study Croatian film from different points of view, exploring not only its recent history, from the establishment of the Republic of Croatia, but also its development during the Yugoslavian period.

Familiarising readers with the complex political and artistic situation, the writers reflect on different film forms, including animation, documentary and live action film, and examine the issues of style and representation, social involvement, industry, national identity, gender, audience, domestic and foreign reception of Croatian film. Interviews with some of the most renowned Croatian film directors provide a vibrant portrayal of their art practice, serving as testimonies of both the socialist and the transitional cultural environment. By encompassing the rich selection of films in a broad range of subjects and styles, one part of the book, containing film reviews, offers a necessary guide through a world less known.

In Contrast: Croatian Film Today was edited by scholars of Croatian and American origin, Gordana P. Crnković (University of Washington) and Aida Vidan (Harvard University). It was made in association with Kinokultura online magazine, and co-funded by the American National Endowment for the Humanities and Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

Text authors: Sanja Bahun, Petra Belković Taylor, Gordana P. Crnković, Marko Dumančić, Nikica Gilić, Vida Johnson, Hana Jušić, Mario Kozina, Bruno Kragić, Tomislav Kurelec, Karla Lončar, Inna Mattei, Katarina Mihailović, Nataša Milas, Lorraine Mortimer, Diana Nenadić, Jurica Pavičić, Boško Picula, Maxim Pozdorovik, Mima Simić, Tomislav Šakić, Ivo Škrabalo, Aida Vidan, Zhen Zhang.


(D.H., 18.09.2012)