English translation of Dubrovnik's 1272 Statute presented

place: Dubrovnik, Croatia
The English translation of "The Statute of Dubrovnik of 1272" was presented in the southern Adriatic resort on Tuesday.

On Tuesday in Sponza Place in Dubrovnik the English version of the Statute of Dubrovnik of 1272. was presented in a ceremony at which the Croatian President Ivo Josipović was too. The Publisher of the English edition is National Archives in Dubrovnik, the editor is PhD. Nella Lonza, an expert in legal history, and the translator is Vesna Rimac, at the same time the employee of this institution.

For five centuries of Dubrovnik statehood , the Dubrovnik Statute was the foundation of the legal system and a powerful symbol of Dubrovnik’s collective identity and statehood. The triple tradition is incorporated in this document – ‘urban culture of Mediterranina towns, prudent management principles formulated in political thought and practice of 13th century and, above all, a powerful European legal heritage, which in the Middle Ages grown on the basis of Roamn and canon law.

Two of the oldest legal documents in Croatia are Korcula Statute from the 1265th and Dubrovnik Statute, seven years later. Both documents are a rich dowry Croatia brings in the EU next year.

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(D.H., 14.09.2012)