Pink Book of Dreams by Mala scena presented in Macedonia

place: Bitola, Macedonia
Pink Book of Dreams, directed by Ivica Šimić in the production of Zagreb based Theatre Mala scena was presented between 5 and 8 August within the programme of International Children Theatre Festival Buitolino in Bitola, Macedonia.

Directed by Ivica Šimić

Played by Gea Gojak and Dado Ćosić

Through a sequence of dreamlike situations A Pink Book of Dreams deals with problems facing many children, with their absorption in duties and loneliness in the first place. However, as we can be whatever we want in our dreams and do whatever occurs to us, the characters of the play give vent to their imagination and create in their dreams their little separate world.

The Boy has recently moved to a new part of town, he does not know anyone yet, his parents work a lot and he is on his own all day long. One night, in his dreams, he makes the acquaintance of the Girl who has got a heap of duties and no time whatsoever to associate with anyone. Every night the two lonely children start dreaming their dreams together, experiencing in them a series of adventures. And they do not feel alone any more. Someone awaits them every evening, if only in their dreams!

By recognizing on the stage its own dreams, wishes, fears, anxieties, by discovering that other people have the same kind of joys, but also the same kind of problems, and by receiving answers to its problems and by finding answers to its questions, a child frees itself from fear.

It was quite a challenge for the dramaturge and dramatist Nina Horvat who has written the dramatic text for the play that will certainly gladden the hearts of our children's and adult audiences.

(D.H., 10.08.2012)