Theatre Trafik & The Necessary Stage to premiere Crossings

time: 16.08.2012. - 19.08.2012.
place: Singapore
organiser: Theatre Esplanade
Theatre Trafik form Rijeka and The Necessary Stage from Singapore will premiere their joint project – the performance ‘Crossings’ at 16 August in Theatre Esplanade – The Studio Season in Singapore, with additional perfromances on 17, 18 and 19 August. The Ctoatian premiere is planned for 19 August at the National Theatre Ivan Zajca in Rijeka.

About the performance:
A woman who is a victim of a social scandal proves her fidelity by passing a test. Yet, her society does not believe her. She is exiled by her husband who is dedicated to serving his people and so has to listen to their discernment to remain in power. Will she sacrifice for the larger good and suffer the unjust allegation to be with her husband or will she walk?

Based on Asian myths, Crossings take us on a journey of the transformation of the self - how one deals with the seduction of being imprisoned and how freedom opens us to meaningless pain.

Crossings is a multidisciplinary collaboration between artists from Singapore and Croatia investigating the coexistence, understanding and mixing of different cultures.

The collective comprises:
Sharda Harrison [Performer]
Bani Haykal [Sound Artist]
Vincent Lim [Set Designer]
Edvin Liveric [Performer]
Loo Zihan [Multimedia Artist]
Josip Marsic [Composer]
Haresh Sharma [Script Editor]
Najib Soiman [Performer]
Alvin Tan [Director]
Zac Valenta [Performer]

The play will be performed in multiple languages, with English surtitles. Suitable for patrons aged 15 years and above.

Crossings will premiere at Esplanade's The Studios Season from 16 – 19 August before touring to the National Theatre of Rijeka [Croatia] from 19 – 20 September 2012.

There will be a post-show discussion with the artists for 17 & 18 Aug, Fri & Sat, 8pm performance.

Crossings is presented by The Necessary Stage and TRAFIK in collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay as part of The Studios

The Necessary Stage
Formed in 1987 by our current Artistic Director Alvin Tan, The Necessary Stage (TNS) is a non-profit theatre company with charity status. Our mission is to create challenging, indigenous and innovative theatre that touches the heart and mind. TNS is a recipient of the National Arts Council's 2 Year Major Grant, and is also the organiser and curator of the annual M1 Singapore Fringe Festival.

For its Main Season, TNS produces an average of two plays a year at our black box and other venues. The plays are original, mostly devised pieces created in a collaborative process that is based on research, improvisation before scripting, and input from all members of the production. We are also committed to international exchange and networking between Singapore and other countries, though staging the company’s plays abroad, inviting foreign works to be presented by the company in Singapore, through dialogues, workshops and training opportunities as well as creative collaborations leading to interdisciplinary productions. Our Theatre for Youth and Community branch actively engages young people, senior citizens and different communities in Singapore through workshops and process-based drama programmes that focus on personal development.

TRAFIK (Transitive-Fiction Theatre)
The work of this collective of authors and performers is, by many accounts, very unique within the context of Croatian independent theatre and dates its beginnings back to 1998 and their site-specific performance, The Walker. This work determined their thematic objectives as well as artistically expression, within which TRAFIK (Transitive-Fiction Theatre) has developed to date – always related to questions of identity of the individual lost on the margins of time and space.

Through its performances such as DancEurope, Picture Show, Beaufort Scale, Greetings from The Adriatic, Gramatika,, Embodiment ,Destination TRAFIK: Deer, Diva, Armada and Pacifikka, TRAFIK continues to move the boundaries between different performative forms. After a decade of works which has had a significant impact on the Rijeka, and from there onto the Croatian performing scene, it is interesting to note that the identity they are constructing is even less visible and even more marginalised.

TRAFIK has performed at almost all Croatian Theatre Festivals and abroad (Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Singapore, Germany), and has also received several awards.

(Source: Trafik & The Studios)

(D.H., 10.08.2012)