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Jorge-Luis Subiabre Matiacha published a monograph about Croatians in Chile

Huellas y Rastros de Croatas en Punta Arenas (The Impressions and Traces of Croatians in Puntas Arenas) is a trilingual, Spanish-English-Croatian book of photos by Jorge Subiabre Matiacha and Tatiana Alfaro Chavez, that he recently published in Puntas Arenas.

Matiacha has Croatian roots and works as a graphic designer, photographer and writer, while co-author Tatiana is a photographic technician.  Both have already participated successfully at photo exhibits. The book features many black & white photos of Croatians, most with roots from the Croatian island of Brač, with a selection from the poetry of Pepita Turina (1907-1986) in the foreword.

The book features 64 photos, motivated by the curiosity of the authors and their desire to contribute to preserving the identity of the Croatians of the region of Magallanes. The photos depict Croatians in various daily situations — at work, at home, with their children, and they all in some way express a love of the distant land from where their predecessors came. In spite of the distance, both temporal and geographic, the Croatians of Chile have preserved their roots, even though their names and surnames have taken on a Spanish form.

The authors note that the "generation without grandfathers" has preserved something possessed by the entire Croatian community in the south of Chile — a love that passes from generation to generation breaking all temporal borders. And on the other hand, anyone who sees these photos will be inspired to recall their own predecessors. Encouraged by the success of the first book, Jorge Subiabre Matiacha is preparing the next one, and has travelled to Puerto Williams on the island of Navarino, the capital city of the Antarctica region, also home to many Croatians.

(Source: CROWN)

(D.H., 10.08.2012)