Punkers @ No Border Jam Festival 2012

time: 24.08.2012. - 25.08.2012.
place: Maribor, Slovenia
organiser: Subkulturni azil Maribor
Croatian punk bands will partake in the programme of the cult No Border Jam Festival 2012 in Maribor, Slovenia on 24 and 25 August. The festival takes place in the Gustaf Hall hosted by  Pekarna Magdalenske mreže.

The No Border Jam festival has for over 20 years used punk to destroy unfair political, social and any other systems. It's the oldest punk festival not only in Slovenia, but in the whole region of ex-Yugoslavia and neighbouring countries. It's stayed true to its principles and its anarcho-punk music, and is still with every year shaking the walls of Pekarna with hard punk noise. At this year's anniversary there will be even more activities behind the scenes, since we will be releasing 2 vinyl and 2 CD records, and have band and studio workshops.

As every year, there will be an Underground flea market - selling and trading CDs, records, badges, pins, Vegetarian food will be available and much more. Visitors can camp inside the Pekarna Magdalenske mreže complex.

Friday, 24 August:
Bane & Dule (Slo)
Zašenki (Slo)
Živi zid (Slo)
WTF!? (Slo)
Eyecontact (Slo)
Fraktura mozga (Hr)
Odpisani (Slo)
Ja ko' Mile a Mile ko' Konj (JKMAMKK)(Sr)
The Evokers (Hr)
The Venusshells (D)
Stain (BiH)
Huntsville Stairsweepers (D)

Saturday, 25 August:
KBO! (Sr)
The Snobs (Hu)
Pestpocken (D)
ZMP (Slo)
Provocator (Slo)
Paraziti p.13 (Slo)
Lobotomija (Hr)
Pigs Parlament (Slo)
Abergaz (Hr)
No Limits (Slo)
Sick Times (D)
Whacked and Wasted (D)

Coproducers and sponsors: Front Rock record label, AGD Gustaf venue, Pekarna Magdalenske mreže, Music center Čurin, notesniki.si, European Cultural Foundation, Maribor 2012 - European Capital of Culture and Slovenia's Ministry of Culture.

(D.H., 09.08.2012)