Mala scena with Baukach in Japan

place: Okinawa, Japan
organiser: Kijimuna Festival
Theatre Mala scena has participated in the programme of Kijimuna Festival in Okinawa, Japan. The festival took place from 28 July to 5 August.

Baukach is a character that lives under the bed, in a cupboard, in the darkness and he likes to scare children ... and children like to be scared.

The stories and fairytales are packed with scary characters such as witches, giants, ghosts and filled with fear.

Children grown up and learn by passing through as well as fighting against fear.

This performance helps children to win the fight against fear of all kinds and to understand that BAUKACH is not so dangerous but is in fact filled with fear.

With the performance the theatre  take children on an imaginative and entertaining journey through fairytales, examining the stereotypes of fear and scary characters.
The performance is non verbal and for children of 4+

Directed by:  Ivica Šimić
Dramaturg: Ivor Martinić
Set design: Dinka Jeričević
Costume Design: Mica Zagorec
Composer: Alen Kraljić
Producer: Vitomira Lončar
Performed by: Ana Majhenić  - Ana; Dražen Čuček - Baukach

(D.H., 03.08.2012)