Austrian Post Office Releases 'Zagreb' Postage Stamp

place: Austria
organiser: Austrian Post
Croatian stamp collectors were pleasantly surprised after the Austrian post office released a postage stamp depicting the old Post Office building in Croatia's capital Zagreb from 1904, writes daily newspaper Jutarnji list.

The postage stamp "Zagreb" has a nominal value of 0.70 Euros and shows the 108 year-old main Post Office building in Zagreb from 1904, with a tram and horse and carriage riding in front of it, and a gas lantern, depiciting how public lighting was in that era.

The stamp was made by Austrian painter and lithographer Adolf Tuma, with 400,000 copies printed in circulation.

Austrian post office has also prepared the "Zagreb" postage stamp in silver. The silver stamp will be available as part of an exclusive collection.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 31.07.2012)