Croatian histroy and culture presented in famous French journal La Revue de l'Histoire

place: France
organiser: La Revue de l'Histoire
A special edition of the popular French journal La Revue de l'Histoire, which specialises in the field of culture, has dedicated its summer edition to the history and culture of Croatia, reports website

The editor of the journal Delaygues Matthieu, writes the article and delivers a detailed overview of Croatian history and culture dating back to the seventh century. The magazine cover itself is marked by a large painting representing the horsemen of the Croatian King Tomislav, accompanied by the text "Nos amis les Croates" (Our Friends the Croats).

More than 30 thousand copies of La Revue de l'Histoire are published. The Croatian Tourist Board in France initiated and realised the article with collaboration from the publisher.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 25.07.2012)