Zagreb Technopolis - Place of the future science and technology park

place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Zagreb Technopolis
Zagreb Technopolis, or the Silicon Valley on the Sava River, is a large science and technology park of 236 000 m2 envisaged on the site of the never completed hospital. That would be the place of the future science and technology park for high-tech firms, an entrepreneurial zone for large productive enterprises, business schools and various accompanying facilities like multimedia halls, conference rooms, laboratories, banks, restaurants, kindergarten.

Zagreb Technopolis won’t be just some large office area for accommodation of various big and small firms. It will be the place where entrepreneurs, companies and products for export will be developed, and new jobs opened.

Zagreb Technopolis is a large science and technology park, our Silicon Valley, envisaged at the site of the abandoned University Hospital Zagreb-Blato that has gone into liquidation since 1995. The process should soon end and prepare the building for its new purpose.

The building is located on the south bank of the Sava River, at the area named Blato at the western entry to Zagreb. It has an area of 236 000 m2 and almost 40% of it is completed. It is connected to modern roads and a highway, whereas the vicinity of Sava enables river transport.

That is an ideal place for Technopolis. The site of Blato is large and therefore open to various functions:
  • An incubator for start-up entrepreneurs
  • Science and technology park for high-tech entrepreneurs in the process of development and progress
  • Spacefor excellent entrepreneurs and crafts persons in the field of low technology
  • Entrepreneurial zone for large companies
  • Accompanying institutions – administration, development agency, business school, banks, laboratories, music club, restaurants, kindergarten, warehouses and large parking.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs are expected, with big and small companies situated in this large building, and employing thousands of workers.
Technopolis will be energy-independent, due to its thermal spring water that will be used for heating, and which was also planned in the previous hospital project.
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(Source: CROWN)

(D.H., 20.07.2012)