Stanko Abadžić @Chambre Claire Gallery

time: 24.06.2012. - 01.09.2012.
place: Dingy St Clair, France
organiser: Chambre Claire Gallery
Photographer Stanko Abadžić currently presents his works at the Chambre Claire Gallery in Dingy St Clair, France. The exhibition is on view till September 1 presenting his B/W photographs from the Paris series selected by Rosalie Detiene, the gallery owner.

Stanko Abadžic was born in 1952 in Vukovar, Croatia. At the age of 15 he began to teach himself photography. After marrying, he worked as a reporter and photojournalist to support his family. When the Croatian War of Independence broke out in 1991, Abadžic left everything and fled with his family to Germany for what he hoped would be a brief stay.

After four difficult years, during which he took few photographs, they were denied German citizenship and forced to leave. After moving to Prague, Abadžic experienced a rebirth and began exploring the city with a medium-format camera. At this point in 1995, he began to develop his visual eye in earnest.

Abadzic was able to return with his family to Croatia in 2002, settling in the capital of Zagreb. He continues to visit Prague to take photographs and also shoots on the Adriatic Sea. Abadžic has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Museum of Modern Art Rijeka, Mimara Museum in Zagreb, and various galleries in Japan, Argentina Prague, Berlin, and other Eastern European cities. He is represented in the United States by John Cleary (Houston, TX), Verve Gallery (Santa Fe, NM) and Contemporary Works (Pennsylvania).

(Source: Stanko Abadžić)

(D.H., 02.07.2012)