Đuro Janeković: 'Zagreb in the Thirties' in Bratislava

time: 25.06.2012. - 31.07.2012.
place: Bratislava, Slovakia
organiser: Croatian Embassy in Slovakia
 The Croatian Embassy on Monday held a ceremony at Bratislava Castle to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the formation of an independent Croatia in 1991. At the same time, the event included the opening of a photography exhibition entitled 'Zagreb in the Thirties' featuring the work of Đuro Janeković. The exhibition is to run until July 31.

Đuro Janeković (1912–1989) was a photojournalist, art and street photographer, and as athlete he had the great sense for dance and sport photography.

He worked for several daily newspapers, theater magazine Kulisa. His work was exhibited in Vienna, Buenos Aires, London, Oslo, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Prague, Warsaw, Sofia.  Đuro Janeković got an award from Camera Craft in 1935 and was considered as one the first photographers experimenting with the color photography.

(D.H., 29.06.2012)