Yet another archaeological find in Vinkovci

place: Vinkovci, Croatia
Remains of an early Christian basilica, dating back to the 4th or 5th century, have been recently found at the archeological site of Kamenica near the eastern Croatian town of Vinkovci.

The modern archeological methods enabled archeologists to locate precisely the remains of the Early Christianity Complex from the 4th and 5th century. There are the walls of the big church with other facilities. The whole complex is surrounded by the massive wall and there are remains of the numerous tombs all around. The whole complex is one acre big and the church with the churchyard is more than 4000 square meters large.

The dimension of the church is 34 times 15 meters and the diameter of the baptizing well is 7.5 meters. All these remains prove that there was a diocese in Ancient Cibaliae which was one of the centers of Panoniae secundae. The real meaning couldn’t have been evaluated prior to this discovery. The first remains include a very rich Early Christianity object with marble coverings. The size and the organization show that this could have been a very important public place.

(Source: HINA)

(D.H., 21.06.2012)