Šibenik International Children's Festival to feature 1,200 performers

time: 23.06.2012. - 07.07.2012.
place: Šibenik, Croatia
organiser: MDF
The Šibenik International Children's Festival (MDF) starts on 23 June when more than 1,200 performers will perform in over 135 plays, puppetry and music programmes at the festival.

New festival director Nera Gojanović Kljajić told a press conference that new to this year's festival will be a symposium 'looking back at the past-looking into the future', which will be held on 24 June in the lobby of the Sibenik's National Theatre. The symposium will engage eminent Sibenik cultural workers such as Vinko and Ivo Brešan, Pavao Roca, Jaksa Fiamengo and many others.

A production of the children's opera 'Ježeva Kućica' will be the performance with the greatest number of participants, 135, and produced by the National Theatre in Sarajevo and performed on 26 June on the summer stage, reported Croatian radio television.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 13.06.2012)