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Cirkulacija 2 - Total Art Platform: Noise as metaphor in Zagreb

time: 09.06.2012. - 13.06.2012.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Cirkulacija 2 & Kontejner
Mochvara Gallery presents Cirkulacija 2 - Total Art Platform: Noise as metaphor from June 9th-13th, 2012 @Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb.

Imagine if someone proposed you with a (seemingly simple and logical) demand for intelligent social behaviour and activity. And then, this same "someone" asked you to channel this activity exclusively towards a positive social (re)action, all the while trying to convince you that this kind of behaviour is impossible without agreement, as the basis of human intellect. No worries, we're not trying to sell you with some dated political activism - we're talking about the principles behind the week long hang out of the progressive crew from the international initiative Cirkulacija 2, joining with local artists in the Zagreb edition of Total art platform.

The influx of creative minds ill take part in the well known Mochvara Gallery manner, as it's already been a year and a half since we've been busting out sound art and complementary noise art practises. The activities during the Platform will encompass performances, workshops and public presentations of concert, performance or exhibition modes and all kinds of other creative-experimental laboratory trinkets.

After numerous Arduino robot workshops, performances and improvisational noise sessions, the best is saved for last: at the grand finale on June 13th you will be shaken to the core by Dejan Knez - one of the founders of the super-cult Laibach- with his 300.000 V.K. fraction/division of the band. The culmination of this Cirkulacija will take place through the unique ueberV.K. concert performance extravagance.


(Source: Kontejner)

(D.H., 08.06.2012)