The Store Window performed in Germany

place: Braunschweig, Germany
organiser: International Theatre Festival - Theaterformen
The performance by the Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZKM) 'The Store Window', directed by Nataša Rajković and Bobo Jelčić was presented at 6th June during the International Theatre Festival "Theaterformen 'which took place in the German city of Braunschweig.

The famed authorial duo, Nataša Rajković and Bobo Jelčić, have been steadily changing the landscape of Croatian theatre with their projects with which they explore the relationship between reality and theatre, witnessing the fragility of their boundaries.

Their plays have won numerous awards and played at various European festivals, in almost all European capitals of theatre and over the past decade they have become a trademark of sorts, placing Croatian theatrical production on the European maps.

The Store Window takes place on the street and follows its rhythm - walking the line between theatre and reality it brings scenes in which passersby become actors in a theatrical event and actors become mere passersby. A unique theatrical event which proves that the street and theatre can interact, was written in the inimitable style of Nataša Rajković and Bobo Jelčić.

(D.H., 08.06.2012)