Pedalafest 2012

time: 07.06.2012. - 09.06.2012.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Cyclists' Union
The first bicycle festival, with biking workshops and films where visitors can also enjoy a range of interesting lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions and other bicycle-related attractions will be held in Croatia's capital Zagreb when Pedalafest 2012 opens from 7-9 June.

Pedalafest organisers have secured the services of Marc van Woudenberg, the Netherlands cycling strategist and consultant who is best known for his Amsterdamize.com site, which promotes cycling culture.

Besides van Woudenberg, there will be talks from popular Europarlamentarian Michael Cramer, who for thirty years in Berlin, practiced life without a car with a bicycle as his first and foremost means of transportation. Julia Woelcher and Claudia Vorhauer will talk about the Viennese critical mass, the local "bike messenger" scene and the most famous Viennese "green venture" Heavy Pedals, while Florian Lorenz will lecture on "Bicycle urbanism and it's potentials for Zagreb."

Pedalafest will provide an opportunity to talk about sustainable cities, green technologies, cycling startup companies, public space, social entrepreneurship, traveling by bicycle in the world and much more, reports daily newspaper Vecernji list.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 25.05.2012)