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Dance Week Festival 2012

time: 21.05.2012. - 02.06.2012.
place: Zagreb, Rijeka (Croatia)
Zagreb and Split will be hosting the 29th Dance Week Festival from May 21st until June 3rd, as well as a conference and a performance platform within the EU project - Beyond Fronta: Bridging New Territories.

The performances will be showing at the Zagreb Dance Centre, which will be the central location of the festival, HNK, ZKM, SC, Gavella and MSU.

This years' 29th edition of the festival puts an accent on two global dance hits: The Rodin Project, the newst project by the English superstar of contemporary dance Russell Maliphant, and The Rite of Spring by the Canadian femme fatale and an international dance audience's favourite - Marie Chouinard.

Because of the collaboration with the British Council the Festival is presenting new names from the British dance scene, such as Tom Dale and Billy Cowie, who work with new media, and whose video performances and use of new technologies (including 3D technology) have amazed the audiences of the Edinbourgh festival.

In collaboration with the Itallian Cultural Institute, the festival presents present an exhibition of dance photographs by the master of Italian photography, Euro Rotelly, and the latest achievements by the choreographer Simona Bertozzi.

This years' partner country of the festival is Austria. In collaboration with the prestigious dance organisation Tanzquartier from Vienna and the Austrian Cultural Forum, we are presenting a summay of current Austrian dance scene and productions which are currently conquering stages world-wide. Apart from the familiar authors like Milli Bitterli and Saskia Hölbling, there will also be appearances by last years' favourites Liquid Loft, with the performance "Talking Head", a new European sensation The Loose Collective with the show "Here Comes the Crook" (an entertaining cross between a musicle, contemporary dance and physical theatre), and a younger author, Luke Baio, who bases his show Shoot Me on mute film and skills of illusionism.

For the first time the Croatian audience will get a chance to see the exception and elusive French choreographer Didier Theron from Marseilles, with a poetic sensual and impressive performance which decripts this 56-year old as an exceptional performer, but also a choreographer inspired by Ravel's Bolero, to which he created a choreography for four men dancers. Didier built his dancing carreer in companies of Merce Cunningham and Dominique Bagouete.

(Source: DWF)

(D.H., 16.05.2012)