Jewish Film Festival 2012

time: 20.05.2012. - 26.05.2012.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: JFF
The sixth edition of the Jewish Film Festival will take place in Zagreb's Europa cinema from 20 to 26 May.

Jewish Film Festival is a cultural event that advocates multicultural dialogue through all its segments and educates about the Jewish culture, Holocaust as well as tolerance and shared values, considering them to be the foundation of a happy coexistence in ethnically and religiously different environments.

What makes this festival unique in the world is the commitment to the subject of the Holocaust, as well as education of all generations, especially school children, through various lectures and workshops. The film program consists of feature, documentary and short films thematically related to Holocaust, while evening projections involve mostly films of newer Israeli production.

But, the Festival, besides the film program, offers numerous other contents. Educational mornings were launched in 2009 with the goal to introduce the tragedy of Holocaust to pupils and students and to teach them, through that prism, the value of tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Today, this educational program is organized even in cities outside Zagreb, and was, thus far, attended by more than 4000 young people. International Talent Workshop (ITW), launched in 2008, is an educational- practical workshop intended for young filmmakers from all around the world, who are taught about the secrets of film profession by the prominent Croatian and international lecturers.

Also, an exhibition is organized every year as a part of the Festival. Entrance to festival programs is free of charge for all visitors and participants. The Festival is organized by an independent non-profit organization, “Jewish Film Festival Zagreb”.

Every year, the Festival is dedicated to a certain subject, consequently, the theme of the third Jewish Film Festival was “Children – victims of the Holocaust and wars”, theme of the fourth was “Righteous among the Nations”, while theme of the fifth was “Women in Holocaust”. In accordance with the theme, we formed a film program and all the supporting facilities that followed the concept of the program.

Jewish Film Festival Zagreb was organized in Croatia for the first time in 2007. That year it lasted three days, while for next two editions it was expanded to five days. Public interest for the Festival constantly grew – first year we had 2000 visitors, in fourth edition that number grew to 7000, while in 2011 we recorded 8000 visitors and participants in program.

(D.H., 09.05.2012)