TEST!13 Apocalypse of the Sexes in Art

time: 24.04.2012. - 28.04.2012.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
This year’s edition of TEST! International Festival of Theatre and Multimedia will be held under the title ‘Apocalypse of the Sexes’ and is dedicated to recently deceased cultural worker Boris Barta. The festival takes place from 24 to 28 April in Theatre &TD, Zagreb.

As the main theme of this year’s festival the organizers have chosen the Apocalypse of Sexes in Art. Bearing in mind that the festival is dealing with students’ creativity, it is difficult to ignore the enormous charge of energy that radiates from him, so they also aim to explore how it is modified and how it occurs. This year the festival will focus more on the creative process.

Since the 2012 year is exposed in the media as an apocalyptic age, the festival is re-evaluating this issue from its source. Book of Lifebegins with one man and one woman in a garden and ends with the apocalypse.

Applied onto the topic of gender issues and art through history, they are focusing on the question what is female and male art, what is the role of gender identity in creating and exploring art such as theatre and multimedia, does genders today play a role in the identity of an artist.

(D.H., 23.04.2012)