Queer Zagreb 2012

place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Queer Zagreb
Queer Zagreb 2012 presents a wide range of theater, dance, film and visual arts from Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe, academic conference dedicated to the Balkans,
Caucauses, Arab countries, numerous parties and evening events. The festival is set to take place from April 26 to May 5.

It’s announced by the organizer that this edition will be the final edition of festival.  

In programming terms this is the most demanding festival to date as it thematically touches upon questions of beginning and end. What does the beginning or end of emancipation policies mean? Can and end, must it even, be announced? Is there a goal that is reachable, visible, and clear for everybody? What does queer in Arab countries mean – is that question actually their beginning?

Questioning and recognizing queer in movements, concepts, contemporary and traditional artistic practices of far and exotic lands like Japan, Brazil, Tunisia, Mali, South Africa, Cape Verde, Israel will be the focus of this year’s festival and it is our opportunity to re-set ourselves and ask the question of the beginnings of queer in many other regions. As we already learnt, in the beginning it is important to name things – to be able to continue with thought, word and deed to search for all future meanings of queer. This is how it was in Croatia, and that is how it is in all the places where queer is to be traced.

The format of that search does not have to exclusively be a festival. But for a Queer Zagreb, or a Queer Jerusalem or a Queer Johannesburg it is important to know that with opening up the possibility of recognizing queer in some local community we are always planting the term queer next to it – whether there is a festival or not. In that way Zagreb will be able to be queer even without Queer Zagreb.

(Source: Queer Zagreb)

(D.H., 18.04.2012)