'This Could Be My Street' in Berlin

time: 18.04.2012. - 19.04.2012.
place: Berlin, Germany
organiser: Theater an der Parkaue
ZeKaEm – Zagreb Youth Theatre will have guest appearance on April 18 and 19 in Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin with its performance 'This Could Be My Street'.

This Could Be My Street, the authorial project by the director Anica Tomić and the dramaturge Jelena Kovačić, is the first play dealing with the subject of youth violence in Croatia. It was inspired by the murder of the Zagreb high-school senior Luka Ritz, yet it is not a reconstruction of the event.

The questions and the problems that the play raises are directly connected with other cases of youth violence. As such, the play creates its own fictional story. It brings on the stage the characters directly involved in one possible case of youth violence. The play was written primarily for high-school audiences, but it also speaks to anyone who has witnessed violence in any way (victims, perpetrators, parents, children, passersby or the officials).

With such an engaged approach the play is trying to open up a space for a better future. After each performance, conversations with the audiences are held in partnership with drama pedagogues of the Zagreb Youth Theatre College and expert assistants of the Luka Ritz Counseling Center. Such conversations open up a possibility for dialogue and the theatre becomes a space of actual social engagement.

Cast: Suzana Nikolić, Nataša Dorčić, Marica Vidušić, Jadranka Đokić, Nađa Perišić, Dora Polić Vitez, Lara Janić, Damir Šaban, Vedran Živolić, Goran Bogdan, Petar Leventić, Danijel Ljuboja, Filip Nola, Edvin Liverić i Zoran Čubrilo.

(D.H., 17.04.2012)