Hanibal Salvaro in Barcelona

time: 23.06.2012. - 26.07.2012.
place: Barcelona, Spain
organiser: Associació Ceramistes de Catalunya
The exhibition of porcelain sculptures by Hanibal Salvaro will be on view from June 13 to July 26 in  Associació Ceramistes de Catalunya, located in the centre of Barcelona.
Curator: Emili Sempere Ferrándiz
During the exhibition Hanibal Salvaro will hold a lecture on his latest cycles Porsil, croatian contemporary ceramics and the project Lilliput ceramics.
Hanibal Salvaro was born in 1935 in Čačak. He was studying at Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb, when, owing to his sister Lidija, a sculptress, he enters the world ov visual arts. From 1961 he exhibited ceramics, sculptures and paintings in more than 200 exhibitions and on all continents.

He won numerous prestigious awards for his works in ceramics (Faenza, Gualdo, Tadino and elsewhere), and from 1981 he has been a member of the International Academy for Ceramics (IAC) from Geneva.- He is a founder of the World Triennale of Small Ceramics in Zagreb in 1984, of Anti-war ceramic workshops (ALKER) in 1991 and Visual art discount centre (LADICA) in 2000. His works can be found in the museums of Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Australia and Egypt.

(D.H., 05.04.2012)