Valuable silverware found during archaeological digs in Vinkovci

A closet with silver cutlery, bowls, plates and platters, which seems to date back to the fourth century, has been unearthed during archaeological excavations in the eastern city of Vinkovci, the Croatian Culture Ministry said on Wednesday.

Some artefact examples are gold plated, and some contain ornaments (animals, plants, architecture, human forms, etc.). The hoard consists of 50 vessels of various shapes (platters, plates, bowls, jugs, cups, spoons, etc.).

Total weight of silver vessels of more than 30 kg.

Private archeology company Geoarheo d.o.o. from Zagreb is in charge for the whole research project. The artifacts are currently stored in the vault under the supervision of the police.

(Source: HINA /

(D.H., 29.03.2012)