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Cultural Goods Registry now online

place: Zagreb, Croatia
 A registry of Cultural Goods of Croatia, which will enable the public at all times to see in what way and to what degree Croatian cultural heritage is protected and registered, is now online.

The registry consists of three lists: List of protected cultural property, lists of cultural goods of national importance and protected lists of preventive resources. The Public Register of Cultural Property website contains a search engine that allows users to search properties by name or any other policies, and maps showing the locations of certain cultural goods.

"The registry is the result of more than one hundred years of work," said Minister of Culture Andrea Zlatar Violic. The minister emphasised the value of the register, stating that one example of its benefit was that anyone who bought or inherited property could see to what degree it was protected.

To view the register please click here:

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 15.03.2012)