France to host Croatian Festival in autumn

place: France
organiser: Ministry of Culture o f Repulic Croatia & Embassy of Croatia in France
Croatia will present itself at the Croatian Festival in France as part of the Cultural Season event between September and December, as the first country from Southeast Europe, with a series of cultural, tourism, economic, sporting and educational programmes, reporters were told on Wednesday at the Culture Ministry, the project coordinator.

The event will cover a wide range of artists, among them: Sanja Iveković, Igor Eškinja, Damir Očko, Zagreb Soloists, Croatian comic book authors,  photographers, designers, etc.

The Festival starts in September 2012 and ends in January 2013 when Ivan Kožarić's monument dedicated to A.G. Matoš will be setup in the cityof Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Click here for visual identity of the festival:

More info soon...

(Source: Hina)

(D.H., 24.02.2012)