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Bronze Apoxyomenos on its way to Louvre

place: Paris, France
Apoxyomenos, an ancient bronze statue of an athlete scraping off oil and dust from his body after a competition, which was found in 1999 in the sea close to Mali Losinj, on Croatia's northern Adriatic coast, is on its way to the Louvre Museum in Paris where it will form part of the Festival of Croatian Culture.

After lengthy restoration and conservation work, the final cost of the whole Apoxyomenous project was finally revealed by the Croatian Ministry of Culture at just over 3 million kuna (395,000 Euros), despite claims just a few weeks ago from the main conservator Miljenko Domijan, that the overall cost was 65 million Euros.

The statue is of priceless value for Croatian culture, and therefore is insured against a variety of events such as loss, theft, various damages related to transporting the statue, earthquakes, vandalism and even terrorist acts. So far, Apoxyomenos has been exhibited in Florence and Ljubljana, where it was insured for an amount of 30 million Euros.
Since only a few original Greek bronze statues remain, Apoxyomenos is an extraordinary example of the world's cultural heritage.

(Source: Croatian Times)

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(D.H., 22.02.2012)