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Statistics about reading habits in Croatia

 Some 40 per cent of Croatians read one book per month, which is below the world average according to market research results presented at a press conference by the Library Block and Community of Publishers and Booksellers.

Croats are reading just slightly more than their neighbours in Serbia (39 per cent) but less than Macedonians, where 45 per cent read one book a month. In the last three months, 31 per cent bought at least one book, while 56 per cent read at least one book in the last year. The most read Croats come from the regions of Dalmatia (68 per cent) and Zagreb (60 per cent). Least read were those from Lika-Senj county (47 per cent) and Slavonia in eastern Croatia with 48 per cent.

The 51 per cent of those who have not bought a single book said they did not need books and nothing interested them, 24 per cent said financial restrictions were the main reason, whilst 10 per cent borrowed books from the library.

Germans with 73 per cent and Italians with 71 per cent were amongst the most well-read nations, reported Croatian daily newspaper Novi list.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 16.02.2012)