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BumpyFingers game reminds of ancient times in Venice and Croatia

Ancient Venetian game, the Morra, also called Sijavica in Croatia, has become modern. A group of IT experts in Croatia has designed an online game and placed it on Facebook. It is called BumpyFingers and reminds of Sijavica or Morra.

Of Venetian origin, the game has spread to Croatia and the Dalmatian hinterland and is still played in the villages there. But Facebook has now made a modern version famous.
It is "hard to believe that the online game would be played much among the elders of the villages in southern Croatia, where it used to be widespread, but this is the way the game is spreading among young people.

"The game is great and I think that it will be played by a large number of people, in particular I think, it will be accepted in the Croatian region of Dalmatia as well as in Italy," said Antonio Trcin, one of the initiators of the creation of game BumpyFingers.

One can try the game for free at: http://hr-hr.facebook.com/pages/BumpyFingers/154086518035896

(Source: Croatian Times)


(D.H., 31.01.2012)