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Off Track Planet recommends Zagreb as one of top ten backpacking destinations

organiser: Off Track Planet
Croatia’s capital Zagreb has been recommended by the Off Track Planet as one of the top ten backpacking destinations for 2012. The online travel guide for independent youth travellers compiled a list of worthy backpacking destinations around the world so their readers can "figure out where to best enjoy the impending apocalypse".
Off Track Planet describes Zagreb as the place where travellers can party day and night and still have enough for the flight back home. 
"The upper and lower extremities are packed tight with bars and clubs, ranging in levels of weirdness (like Lord of the Rings themed Tolkien), serving beers well within your budget (about $2.50-$3.50 each) and all open 24 hours a day."
Zagreb is not only praised for its nightlife, but also for "medieval European architecture on par with Prague." The travel guide also recommends a stop by the Lake Jarun before heading back to the party circuit.
Other destinations featured on the Off Planet Track’s list of top ten backpacking destinations are Chiapas (Mexico), Turin (Italy), Central Anatolia, Lake Tuiz (Turkey), Bucharest (Romania), Interlaken (Switzerland), Dakar (Senegal), Big Corn Island (Nicaragua), Cricova (Moldova) and Ushuaia (Argentina).
This is the second time that Zagreb was recommended for travellers looking for a budget destination in 2012. Along with Dubrovnik, the city was listed in the Price of Travel’s European Backpacker Index 2012 which features forty major European cities by price.
(Source: Croatia Exclusive)

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