exhibition, performance

'The Same Rain, The Same Wind' project

place: Thailand
Artists Burhan Hadzialjevic, Eugen Borkovski, Ivo Corkovic, Bojan Sumonja, Ivan Valusek, Hassan Abdelghani, Robert Pauletta, Katja Restovic and Zak Valenta will partake during 2012 and 2013 in the International Art Project 'The Same Rain, The Same Wind'.

Participating countries: Thailand, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Slovenia, Serbia, USA, Croatia, etc.

The initiators and organizers of the project Udom Chimpukdee and Burhan Hadzialjevic
Curator from Europa: Eugen Borkovsky
Curator from Singapore: Milenko Prvacki

From Euro-American perspective: For decade’s artist’s success and popularity as well as personal gainevaluated are by the performances and artist’s presence in Western European or American art situations.

Paradigm as this is a reason ART is somehow losing its universality.

Udom Chimpukdee talks about the project:

'Project “The same rain, same wind” has the intention to start the broader planetary discussion on the purpose and impact of visual and multimedia art. On the common, collective, selected, thematic exhibitions in Thailand, I would like artists from Europe together with artists from Indochina (Thailand and Singapore) to reflect about a topic that both sides understand and feel. In a joint exhibition as a parallel slalom, we will find two groups of artists, facing art work and multimedia work in the form of dialogue.

One group will be the hosts- the authors from Thailand and Singapore and the second group will be composed of authors from Europe. Inthis way we want to disclose our work to the observers that perceive the world around them self’s differently than us. In the same time we want to see artist’s work from Thailand regarding and discussing the same topic. The meeting -this joint exhibition will take place first at the Art Center in Chiang Mai in Thailand. The place is chosen because of its representative and impressive area dimension, the museum is equipped with several large halls size of hundreds square meters, located on two floors.

The global approach questioning regards and issues of art and artistic act will be no easy, mainly of course because of financial reasons. But, with little acceptance and understanding of the surrounding institutions,host’s, exhibitors and with authors efforts I am sure we are starting an interesting dialog on ideas anddesign, discussing the world we live in.'


(D.H., 18.01.2012)