Free version of creating Android applications

organiser: K-Informatika
A young Croatian team working for the company K-informatika (K-informatika) from the eastern city of Osijek presented a new project about creating and programming mobile applications for non-programmers.

Advanced Mobile Framework (AMF) is their new product which enables lay people to easily program and create an application for Android or iOS devices.

"AMF is created to ease work even for us in the future but in form of a free version is available to all those who are interested in the simple creation of their application with which it is possible to earn money in the end," Dejan Besir from K-informatika explains to Croatian daily Glas Slavonije.

On the AMF platform an application CroCities – Osijek is available, which is free to tourists. It offers a lot information about Osijek: News from the local media, locations of free wifi hot spots, service information, photos, hotel and restaurant contacts, virtual walks etc.

"We are, however, very sad that Osijek's city leaders haven't recognise the project since we asked them for their financial support for translations of the application and for the promotion of the project. The Tourist Board of Osijek also neglected the fact that more and more people are using smart phones and putting the QR code for the download of the application into tourist brochures of the city would be a great deal for everybody," Besir concluded.

The CroCities-Osijek application has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 09.01.2012)