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Swiss artist Paul Klee's painting from 1923 found in Zagreb

place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: UPI-2M
Swiss artist Paul Klee's painting from 1923 was found in a private collection in Croatian capital Zagreb. "Man in love" shows a figure with the body of a man, the face of an animal with a long rounded nose finished in a circle that is flouting at the surface.

The book "Bauhaus personally", that was published by UPI-2M, describes the circumstances under which the drawing has survived until today.

It is the life story of Marie-Louise Betlheim who lived in Weimar, Germany but moved to Zagreb, Croatia because of love. Unfortunately the man she was in love was killed but she decided to stay in Zagreb where she married Stjepan Betlheim.

As daily Jutarnji List writes, in her private collection there is not only Klee's drawing but also Farkas Molnar's whose original drawing of the house "The Red Cube" became a trademark for the Bauhaus School.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 05.01.2012)