Pag Winter Carnival 2012

time: 07.01.2012. - 22.02.2012.
place: Pag, Croatia
organiser: Pag Tourist Board
The Pag Carnival has been held in the town of Pag for over 80 years. The Winter Carnival begins on the first Saturday after Three Kings' Day (7th January) and lasts until Lets – Ash Wednesday (22nd February). During this period dances are organized on every Saturday in private cellars and Pag hotels. During the last three days, the carnival events move to the central square, called pjaca.

On Sunday, a cheerful Carnival procession starts from the ferry port on the new waterfront, passes the city, and crosses the Riva (waterfront promenade) to pjaca. After the official handover of the keys to the city, the carnival celebration lasts for three days. On Tuesday there's a huge demand for the latest edition of local newspapers 'Baš nas briga' ('We don't care'), and on Ash Wednesday there's the reading testamment and the burning of Marko, the one to blame for all problems.

People from the area dress up for the event, with the principal act of the carnival being the story of a female slave character called Robinja.

Robinja is a singing performance consisting of a dance with wooden axes accompanied by verse. The female slave character is played by a man dressed as a woman wearing a kerchief and accompanied by two young boys, a salesman, a musician and other characters from the time of Turkish rule.

Participants form a crowd in front of the parish priest's house or in the main square and when the group comes together the performance begins.

The plot is based on on selling the female slave wheras the characters on opposing sides argue and recount past events before the crowd shrinks and the slave escapes.

(D.H., 28.12.2011)