Company Triko performed in Russia

place: Perm, Russia
organiser: Company Triko
Company Triko´s contemporary circus performance ‘Poppins Descending’, directed by Dubravka Crnojevic-Caric, was performed in Russia, Perm, in the official program of White Magic Festival,  a part of "White nights in Perm" -  a great cultural project with the participation of music, theatre, dance and circus stars.

The First International "White Magic" Festival (from June 03-09.2011) is one of the key events of the "White nights in Perm" The Festivals is uniting three different circus performance types: contemporary circus, street art and illusion, and the main idea behind the festival is to "offer the audience to get to know better the innovative and sophisticated shows of modern European artists where all arts are mixed, crossed and complement each other.

Here the theater fancifully and harmoniously combines acrobatics and juggling, choreography, contemporary art and video installation" (Boris Radostev, Executive producer of the Festival)The show Poppins Descending was chosen to the festival among other leading contemporary circus groups from Finland, Argentina, Spain, Russia, France and Belgium.    

The main venue of the Festival was a big modern circus tent, equipped with everything needed for the complicated shows combining theatre, multimedia and circus to happen. The tent was placed in the center of the Town and was one of the town’s tourist marks at the time.

Poppins Descending was performed two times before the audience of cca 1500 people, with the titles in Russian. The show proved to be quite different from what Perm*s audience expected from a "circus show", but the reactions after the show were extremely positive and the show was  awarded with a long applause.

The company was offered to tour Russia and is at the moment negotiating the prospect.

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(Source: Company Triko)

(D.H., 29.11.2011)